This glasses case was designed for the 3D printed monoframe 001. Since the frame is just one single part, my goal was to take up this theme and develop accordingly a unique, light weight and robust spectacle case. Hence the case is made of only one single part, a sheet of Polypropylene. This sheet is laser cut and perforated with lines. Due to this folding lines the flat sheet can be folded into a three-dimensional form instantly. If not need it can be still stored away completely flat. The created triangular shape gives the case its high stability in order to protect the spectacle frame inside. Furthermore the translucent colour makes it convenient for the owner to see which pair of glasses are in the case without opening it.

Since it is made of Polypropylene, it can be recycled easily and is much more sustainable than common cases, just because there is only one material and no glue or screws.

2015 – Product Development for PROJEKT SAMSEN