Designed to be the functional centerpiece of a home or a public lounge (airport/hotel), LLAY breaks the known soft seating tradition. It fuses easy chair, chaise longue, sofa and sofa bed into one piece of furniture that is very easy to handle. LLAY consists of two seats on top of each other, connected by two double hinges. The modular design allows for a combination of any number of elements, for example creating a three-seater by connecting three modules. If you fold out all parts, you get a surface that is large enough for two people to sleep on.

In the beginning of this project we studied movable structures and principles like scissor joints or any other kinetic objects. We wanted to find easy solutions for furniture in small spaces and then decided to concentrate on the living and sleeping situation. During the process we created many different concepts for soft seating and sleeping objects. In the end we came up with a solution, very easy to handle:a double hinge, that made it possible to realize LLAY. 

2015 – Bachelor Project together with Sarah Dudda at UdK Berlin – ID5 - Class for interactive systems – Prof. Burkhard Schmitz, Dipl.-Des. Andreas Bergmann, Dipl.-Des. Ariane Jäger

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