The project was to develop a „one piece“ Item which normally contains several parts. The goal was to preserve the functionality but to use the 3D printing process in order to reengineer the product and minimize it to just one single part. Cord locks can be found at backpacks, jackets or sweatshirts. It is a small part, that stops the cord to flip through. Usually it is made of three parts, two plastic parts and a steel spring, once put together you can hardly take them apart again.

With this functional principle to stop and fix cords in a certain position I developed a 3D printed version of it, designed as just one single part. PANT has three openings to put your cord through, one on the one site and two on the other. The single one fits between the other two and both sides are connected with a spring arch which keeps them apart. To put through the cord and move the cord lock you press the three openings towards each other. To make the cord hold you let go.

2013 – 6th semester project UdK Berlin – ID5 - Class for interactive systems – Prof. Burkhard Schmitz, Dipl.-Des. Katina Sostmann, Dipl.-Des. Ariane Jäger

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