001 – 3D printed monoframes

001 is a laser-sintered monoframe built layer by layer of nylon powder. Good design combined with the best materials and manufacturing methods.

Think Objects in a new way - this requirement satisfies 001 just perfectly. With 3D printing I was able to reengineer the principles of eyewear and especially the functionality of the hinge. The result is patented monoframe with a unique, screwless hinge, printed as a material tape directly into the frame.

These designed geometries can only be realized with a 3D printer, which can produce any three-dimensional objects, even with undercuts. The monoframe adjusts itself to different head widths because of the flexible hinge and comforts very pleasantly the head.

3D printing, in this case SLS (selective laser sintering), is a generative layer construction process. A powdered starting material is applied layer by layer in a construction space and fused at the desired locations with a high-performance laser, hence an object is produced layer by layer of powder grains. After the printing process, the finished objects find themselves in a room completely filled with powder. The components are now freed from excessive powder, slip-sanded, dip-dyed and subsequently sealed until they find their way to their new owner. 

Sustainability is an important part of my work at PROJEKT SAMSEN. As a designer, you have a great responsibility towards the user and the resources used. The aim of design should be a resource-conserving and long-lasting design. In 3D printing, for example, nearly no waste is produced since the non-printed powder can be added to the next printing process. The fact that you do not need any further tools for production is another advantage of 3D printing. Thus, small series can be realized relatively inexpensively. Because of these advantages, I have intensively studied 3D printing and developed a spectacle frame that is 100% manufactured with this process. Furthermore the innovative hinge simplifies the recycling process - no more effort to disassemble and no bonded parts. For this sustainable design, 001 was already awarded with the German Design Award Gold 2018, the Green Product Award 2016 and received a nomination for the German Eco Design Award 2016.


PS_Scharnier Kopie.jpg
PS_Aufsicht Kopie.jpg